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Portable Air Conditioning & Air Purification

At KellyRAC, we have the solution for you for all your portable Air Conditioning requirements that are ideal for home and office environments, and anywhere a versitile mobile air conditioner is needed..

With our range of Air Purifiers we promise you air that is 3 times cleaner, healthier and fresher.

We offer large and small portable air conditioners, with some units also offering heating, dehumidification and air purification benefits for all-round 365 days a year use, saving you time, effort and money.

Learn more about the options available to you and get a quote.

Simultaneous Humidification & Purification with Air Purifiers

Water in the tank flows into the receiver tray housing the water wheel, which lifts the water as it rotates and releases it onto the filter.

Air blown onto the filter absorbs its moisture and discharges it into the room as humidification.


Benefits of Air Purifiers?

  • Promote a Healthy Immune System by Breathing in Air that is Clean - Minimise asthma & allergy symtoms by removing dust particles & pollen, keeping you healthy by filtering airborne bacteria and viruses.

  • Control your Humidity - Essential for healthy skin, Air Purifers infuse moisture into the air when it is too dry and keeps you from fighting dry skin.

  • Keep your Air Fresh - Control Odours so that your environment always smells fresh & clean.

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Ururu Air Purifier

Ururu Air Purifier

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