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Equipment Maintenance in Refrigeration and and Air Conditioning

Refrigeration equipment generally works 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Keeping it working is a job in itself.

Carrying out preventitive maintenance will save you money on your utility and repair bills.

Our Maintenance divison of professional technicians have the expertise to diagnose mechanical equipment.



  1. Unseen and out of sight small problems and lead to expensive downtime

  2. Timely visits can eliminate expensive out of hours call outs

  3. Refrigeration gas can ve very expensive, leaks can be pinpointed and fixed

  4. A loss of refrigeration gas increases running costs significantly

  5. An expensive compressor change can be avoided

  6. Dust and grit in fincoils reduces efficiency

  7. In Air-Conditioning systems, smells and odour is eliminated

  8. The overall lifetime of the equipment is increased significantly

  9. Filter changes , clean equipment and confirmation of settings  and pumps

  10. Safety checks routinely carried out avoids any potential problems


Maintenance Report

Kelly RAC issues a maintenance report for each unit and each time we visit.

These can be tailor made to suit your requirements.


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