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About Us


Kelly Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Limited – Installation, Retro-Fitting, Servicing, Maintenance and Sales.

  • An Industry Leader in Ireland
  • Over 27 Years in Business
  • A Partnership Approach
  • A Passion for Your Business
  • Delivery on Time and Within Budget
  • Offices in Both Dublin and Ennis
  • Results You Can Rely On
  • Kelly RAC works with the best products and exacting customers.
  • Our Service Engineers are trained by the manufacturers and qualified to the standards they require.
  • Our business is compliance and performance.
  • We work on new build and on rebuilt sites.
  • We strip out the old and dispose of the redundant.
  • We fit out your space cleanly, quickly and efficiently.
  • We guide you in effective system operation and we stay with you as your environmental control partner. Thereafter, our phones stay on 24 hours a day - Our Service Teams react immediately.


You need look no further than Kelly RAC:

  • We are registered with, and audited by, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Ireland. This is why our disposal and recycling of refrigerants and materials is controlled and compliant.

  • Our Service Engineers are F-Gas trained to City Guilds 2079. F-Gases, or fluorinated greenhouse gases, are controlled by the EU. It is of critical importance that you work only with an F-Gas certified Company.

  • Our Service Engineers are trained and approved by the manufacturers of the equipment we install. Kelly RAC sends them to train and qualify where the equipment is made – and we only work with the top manufacturers.

  • Kelly RAC can work with your contractors or in direct partnership with you or your Architect/Surveyor/Consultant team. Either way, you know who you’re dealing with and you know you’ll be getting an intelligent, quality service which is responsive to you.

  • Regardless who originally installed or supplied your air conditioning or ventilation system we will maintain them in strict accordance with official regulations.


  • Customer Service - We develop long term relationships, based on customer knowledge, mutual trust and a strong willingness to help you meet your objectives.

  • Trustworthiness - We work towards creating trusting relationships with our customers, sustaining our brand promise in a coherent and consistent manner over time.

  • Adaptability & Flexibility - We always do our best to respond quickly to our customers.

These core values are the primary reasons for our success. By maintaining these values regardless of our size or growth rate, allow us to preserve what has always been special about our company.

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